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Pilfingrenes Paradis
Kids Paradise

Kids Paradise - come and play at Horsens Museum

Big toy exhibition for children and playful souls. Go exploring the old toys and play with copies of grandmothers and grandfathers toys.

A toy exhibition in which children and playful souls can play with copies of the toys of the past. The boys’ toys from the last 4 generations are hidden in the dark, behind the walls of the big knights’ castle and the girls’ dolls, toy service and toy cooker is placed in the lovely, yellow doll’s house.

Play yourself
In the Indian tent there is non-stop storytelling, the clothes in the big fairytale closet is ready to be used for dressing up and if you want to play with the puppet theatre, the puppets are ready for the show. There is also a variety of old games or you can play with the cut-out dolls, building blocks or the hobbyhorse.

Childhood conditions
Children have always loved to play. But their childhood conditions have differed so much that the games have varied from environment to environment. Children from respectable middle-class homes didn’t play in the streets. They often had a large collection of toys and maybe even their own room. The children of craftsmen or workers played in the streets and backyards, where the large number of workshops provided innumerable adventures for a curious child and created the settings for a lot of fun and games. But many children started working at a very early age – some started working as messengers or helping out in mangling businesses and at the end of the 20th century many working-class children started working as factory workers at the age of 8 or 10. In the country the children also started working at a very early age, especially the children of smallholders working as shepherd boys or shepherd girls.

Old photos
The conditions of life for these children are shown at this exhibition through toys as well as through Photostats and childhood memories of passed times. Through a photo campaign, where people lent their best childhood photo, Horsens Museum now has the pleasure of presenting one of the largest collection of old photos of play and games in the country. More than 100 photos of children playing with their dearest toy – dolls, toy aeroplanes, toy cars and doll’s prams are seen side by side with photos of children playing hide and seek and playing Indians with bow and arrow.

Childhood memories
A number of quotations with childhood memories of poverty, hunger, child labour and of course children’s games are kindly lent from the National Museum. The exhibition gives us an impression of the harsh conditions of the everyday life of children from previous generations, where the childhood fun and games were soon replaced by the seriousness of having to earn money in order for the family to survive.

The old toys
And finally you can see all the toys. The exhibition shows all kinds of dolls; made of china, glass, celluloid, rubber, plastic, all in their original dresses, following the change in fashion throughout 100 years. Doll’s prams, doll’s houses, toy cookers, toy service and toy furniture are also present. Here is everything that a little girl’s heart desired and all that was considered educational in order to make the girls good housewives. For girls’ toys were educational.
The boys’ toys were as always influenced by action: Cars, trains, aeroplanes and steam engines and the home-made knights’ castle with attacking soldiers. The aircraft carrier and the petrol station are also represented in the exhibition. If you prefer old-fashioned games there are a variety of games to look at.

Granddad’s old games
And you don’t just have to look at the toys. Because children have always liked to touch things, we do not want to disappoint them. With copies of old toys they can satisfy their wish to play and maybe the parents and grandparents can brush up the old games and pass on their experiences to the children of today.