Horsens Museum 

About the Museum

- To awake and maintain the appreciation of Art and Historical Memorials

In March 1906 a group of citizens founded the Museum Society in Horsens, which was the forerunner of Horsens Museum. The purpose then was “To arouse and maintain the appreciation of art and historical memorials”. Until 1986 the museum therefore housed both art and cultural history. Thanks to a donation in the will of harbour pilot Theodor Løwenstein, it was possible to build the museum at Sundvej, which was opened in October 1915.

During its more than 100 years of existence, the museum has dealt with many subjects. The archaeologists at the museum have been involved in local excavations as well as the search for the last resting place of Vitus Bering on the Bering Island at the east coast of Russia.
The museum has also had countless exhibitions and in the course of time, the collection has grown to more than 25,000 objects as well as many thousand archaeological finds.